Across the country, the demand for good food — food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable– continues to grow. The Good Food for All collaborative (GFFA) recognizes local procurement policies as an important opportunity to bolster local and regional good food economies. As the movement for good food grows at the city and state level, we will have greater evidence and examples of success to point toward when advocating for broader policy shifts at the federal level.

GFFA is well-positioned to support city- and state-wide efforts to advance good food procurement by providing an alternative narrative to the food system. One that looks at the food system through a racial equity lens, and lifts up the potential for promoting good health and economic opportunities for all.

GFFA has created a series of primers that exemplify our vision for an equitable food system by demonstrating the values of a good food system. Using the five key principles of the Good Food Purchasing ProgramA Strong Local Food Economy; Environmental Sustainability; A Valued Food Industry Workforce; The Humane Treatment of Animals; High Nutritional Quality– the primers demonstrate how values-led procurement policies have the potential to create transformational change in our food system towards greater racial equity and justice.

We welcome and encourage all members of GFFA and our allies and partners in the good food movement to use these primers as starting points for conversations about the potential for institutional procurement as a leverage for food systems change.

We also recognize existing efforts that have, and continue to push the bar for institutional procurement of good food, including but not limited to: School Food Focus’ learning labs; The Common Market; Healthcare Without Harm; and Real Food Generation.

Good Food Procurement Primers